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Dresden Acoustics

Bring out the Best in Movies & TV with Surround Sound from Dresden.

Acclaimed performance

Our best-performing home theater systems come complete with a Dresden A/V receiver eight-speaker, two-speaker and soundbar speaker systems.

Bring the living room to life.

Get serious about surround sound and insanely immersive 3D visuals with a 5.1ch home theater system that will blow them away. Makes streaming content a snap.


5.1 Dolby


Dresden Acoustic

Bring out the Best in Movies & TV with Surround Sound from Dresden.

Magic Sound

You'll think you're at the cinema with the simulated, room-filling surround sound that Dresden Acoustics Surround sound technology delivers.

Auto Calibration.

Ensure you get the best sound experience from your A/V receiver and Dresden speakers with Digital Cinema Auto Calibration

New Experience

Bring your TV experience to life with exceptional audio marked by rich, natural sound with incredible clarity and definition.

New Sounds

Add instant auditory depth perception for dramatic, cinematic sound that closely mimics what you experience at the movie theater.


Dresden Acoustics Speakers

  • Sounds amazing.

    Uniquely designed to provide a wider "sweet spot" with five powerful surround sound speakers and a deep subwoofer to immerse the whole family in rich, robust sound.

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  • Smartphone Controle.

    The free Media Remote app provides a full Qwerty keyboard and movie information search capabilities on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone or Sony Tablet.

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  • Get it started fast.

    Experience movies as the directors intended them to sound like with Dolby® TrueHD and dts-® HD Master Audio modes that re-produce high definition, discrete sound for uncompromised quality.

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  • We've got connections

    Enjoy the convenience of one HDMI output for high definition audio and video quality.

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Customer Review

I've had my DS-9 for a couple of years now and it still impresses. When I first hooked this up to my Denon AVR I didn't expect a lot of improvement in the sound quality. I bought it to have more head room and prevent clipping at higher volumes. What I got was cleaner, clearer sound at all volumes that was so noticeable even my wife could tell the difference..

Kevin Lamarche

They have a great policy of 30 day in home trial if you are not satisfied return it. I bet you will keep it once you do listen to it. They also have a 5 year warranty and the customer service is incredible helpful if you have any questions.

Larry Hover

The sound is amazingly clear and you will hear things you have not heard in the same recordings you have been listening to for years. .

Stephen Mcdalen